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From (David Robinson)
Subject Re: enough
Date Mon, 12 Feb 1996 11:51:00 GMT
>  100b.os2_port.patch    09-Feb-96 15:26    26K

-1: Don't run OS/2, don't plan to. But more important than that,
    it doesn't patch cleany, either, but maybe I missed something. I tried
    both before and after the rest of them.

Why don't you supply details of how it failed?

>>  23a.mmap.patch         07-Feb-96 10:19     4K
>-1: Not quite. Patches and compiles fun, but...:
>map: Operation not supported
>httpd: Could not mmap memory
>And then it dies (HP/UX 9.04)
>I don't like my HTTP server to just not run.

It worked for RobH; how do your systems differ?

I think the error must have been
'mmap:...' rather than

Can you send me the man page for mmap?

>>  97.proxy-02.tar.gz     09-Feb-96 07:53    34K
>-1: Doesn't link on my system:
>/bin/ld: Unsatisfied symbols:
>   utimes (code)
>Otherwise, looks great. And I'm not too bitter about the "None of 
>Alexei's code is left" comment, either.

Sigh. I started off using utime() and then switched to utimes() because
I thought it would be more portable.

Can I call for a straw poll on this list? Does your system have utime()
and does it have utimes()?

>>  99.bind.patch          09-Feb-96 11:17    11K
>-1: Sorry, but after all the other patches, this one fails. Time for a
>    rewrite?

I think this veto is out of order; just because you didn't test the
patch, it does mean that you have to veto it.

In fact, the patch should apply cleanly against the 1.0.2 distribution,
so you _can_ test it if you want to.


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