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From (David Robinson)
Subject Re: [Fwd: Re: socket error on APACHE v1.0]
Date Fri, 09 Feb 1996 16:53:00 GMT
>>>I have an Apache httpd server. It is up and running and seems to work
>>>fine. But a message "socket error: accept failed" appear everyday in
>>>the error_log file. What' s this ??

I've uploaded 98.errorlog.patch which might help diagnose this.
It logs the textual error string for the errno returned by accept and
other system calls.

  From: (David Robinson)
  Subject: Log UNIX error strings to th error log
  Affects: http_log.h, http_log.c, http_main.c
  ChangeLog: Log the UNIX textual error returned by some system calls, in
             particular errors from accept()
  Comments: Might help diagnose 'accept failed' problems.

I've also uploaded a new version of 62a.escape_html.patch which should
fix the compilation problems Rob was having.

There is also 97.proxy-02.tar.gz, the latest version of my proxy module.
It's there so the group can vote on my modifications to the Apache core:

  Subject: Provide support for proxying in Apache core
  Affects: Makefile.tmpl, alloc.c, http_core.c, http_protocol.c,
           http_request.c, httpd.h
  ChangeLog: Add new response: BAD_GATEWAY, and new flag 'proxyreq' in the
             request structure. Ensure directory_walk does not treat paths
             not beginning with '/' as real files.
  Comments: The last mentioned change probably conflicts with the OS/2 patches.


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