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From (David Robinson)
Subject Re: completed survey
Date Fri, 09 Feb 1996 15:30:00 GMT
>Full name of server: Apache
>Version described: Apache 1.0.2
>---Operating Systems---
>Unix: Y
>OS/2: Y
Not for 1.0.2, which doesn't support OS/2.

Unix variants: Almost all variants covered. Portability patches are welcomed.
Windows NT CPUs: X

>---Launching and Logging---
>Can run from inetd (Unix systems only): Y
>Can serve different directory roots for different IP addresses: Y
>Runs as Windows NT service and/or application: X
>Logging with syslog (Unix) or Event Log (Windows NT): N
>CERN/NCSA common log format: Y
>Log files can be automatically cycled or archived: N
>Normal (hit) log entries can be customized: Y
>Can write to multiple logs: Y
>Server can generate non-hit log entries (such as comments): N

Yes, it can, at least that's what I thought the error log was for.

>CGI scripts can create their own log entries: N
Can't CGI scripts write to the error log?

>Can track individual users in log: Y
Can it?


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