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From (David Robinson)
Subject Re: How about mixing BindAddress and VirtualHost???
Date Fri, 09 Feb 1996 11:09:00 GMT
I wrote:
>>Anyone care?  Anyone looked at patching Apache so you could list
>>multiple BindAddress's (possibly in the <VirtualHost> section) to
>>get around this?
>What you would have to do is
>1. Create a socket for every bound address.
>2. Do a simultaneous accept on all the sockets.
>   This can only be done by using select on all these sockets, waiting
>   for a 'read' condition. Under Solaris at least, this indicates that
>   that a connection is pending.
>   Check the man page for accept on you system to see if it supports this.

Yesterday, I got to thinking, what if this were portable?

You could have apache bind to mulitple ports, and so run virtual servers
on different ports, e.g. and
For example, one of them could be a proxy-only server.

You could also have apache serve multiple protocols simultanously;
e.g. http, https, gopher, ftp... So how about an Apache ftp server?
Maybe we really do want a protocol API.


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