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From (David Robinson)
Subject Re: mod_ftp - a new module
Date Thu, 08 Feb 1996 11:46:00 GMT
>I wrote a new module (mod_ftp), which combines some of the features of
>mod_dir with advanced ftp conversions, xferlog logging, reget and splitting.
>It can coexist with any modules known to me at the moment.
>It affects behaviour only in a virtual subtree specified by
>FTPAlias directive, where the second argument is the ftp root.
>I was trying to upload it to, but
>without any success. Can anyone of you get it from
> and put it into the
>dist/contrib/modules or wherever appropriate? Can anyone test it and send me

I have to say that I found this module very confusing; I expected
it to actually set up an ftp connection to an ftp server (like an
ftp proxy).

I suggest that you get rid of 'ftp' from the module name and configuration
directives. 'conv' for 'conversions' instead, perhaps?

Would anyone want to use both mod_dir and mod_ftp? If not, then I
suggest that mod_ftp re-use all the mod_dir directives, without
an FTP prefix.

Apart from that, good work!


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