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From (David Robinson)
Subject 70c.LynxOS_port.patch
Date Wed, 07 Feb 1996 17:06:00 GMT
I've uploaded a fixed version of this patch; the ANSI way of finding
the timezone is now used if NO_TIMEZONE is defined, rather than testing


>From: swatt@Lynx.COM (Steven Watt -- KD6GGD)
>Subject: LynxOS version 2.3 port for Apache-1.0.0
>ChangeLog: I've ported Apache-1.0 to LynxOS version 2.3 (and later 
>	-- it should still work).  I think I've come up with a
>	more-or-less standard way to figure out the GMT offset -- see
>	the patch.
>Comments: Generalised and bug fixed in timzeone calculation by drtr.

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