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From (David Robinson)
Subject Re: Apache not logging hostnames
Date Wed, 07 Feb 1996 13:10:00 GMT
In article <> wrote:
>In article <4f1fjb$> (Chris Ochs ) writes:
>> We are running about 120 virtual hosts, and all of them have their own
>> access and error logs.  We are not running into any file descriptor limits
>> or other resource limits that I am aware of, since I have dealt with that
>> problem before
>I wonder if you've reached limits not with your log files but with
>your operating system's resolver code?
>Most resolver library routines use select at some point, and are
>typically compiled with FD_SETSIZE of 256.
>You can work around this by adding some code to call sethostent(1)
>and initialise the resolver code, during Apache's startup routines.

This explains an aweful lot of problems I've heard.


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