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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject votes on 1.0.2
Date Sun, 11 Feb 1996 07:35:11 GMT

Many thanks to Randy for pulling together the package.  Of course, this 
means that the quality of my votes is only as good as the quality of his 
build, I didn't apply these one by one.

The that Randy supplied didn't have mod_auth_anon and mod_alias_map
listed or included, by the way.  Also, the Makefile didn't have listings 
for buff.c or md5c.c, so mod_proxy wouldn't compile (well, it compiled, 
but it had a ton of unresolved symbols).  So, that needs to be fixed.  On 
with the votes and comments.

100b.os2_port.patch +1
  looks fine to me - wish we could have a little more abstraction, but oh

23a.mmap.patch 		+1
56.alias_userdir.patch +1
61a.preserve_redirect  +1
62a.escape_html.patch  +1    +1
   buff.c and md5c.c were missing from makefile - mod_proxy?
   Is this really necessary?

66.htaccess-cache      +1
68b.strftime.patch     +1
70c.LynxOS_port.patch  +1
72.mod_imap_overhaul   -1
72a.mod_imap_overhaul  -1
  Uh, my imagemaps don't work after this - in particular, relative
  URL's in map files don't appear to get expanded when sent as a redirect
  to the client (actually, aren't they supposed to be handled internally?)
  I.e., I have an entry like "circle honey.htm  286,19 380,38" and what 
  comes back is "Location: http://honey.htm". Um.....

73a.mod_actions.patch  +1
74.icons.patch	       +1
75.icons.tar.gz	       +1
76a.posix_wait4proces  +1
77.user_name.patch     +1
78.preserve_redirect   +1
  for now, but the part about "CGI must always redirect to GET" is kinda
  bogus, and should be fixed.  Redirect to GET only when given a 302 error 
  code.  301 or 303 should preserve method.

82.setsockopt_next	0
  Hmm, why not just go to what NeXT needs, instead of an ifdef?

83.timefmt.patch	-1
  Obviated by 68b.

84b.timeout.patch	+1
85.lost_conn.patch	+1
86a.scoreboard_into_lo  +1
87.rlimit_warning.patch +1
88.cookie_pstrcat.patch +1
89.minSpare.patch	+1
90g.keepalive.patch	+1
91.config_dns.patch	+1
  I'd like to see a runtime option to replace -DMAXIMUM_DNS too.

92.alias_htaccess.patch +1
93.opt_all_mv.patch	-1
  Will cause a lot of access.conf's out there to suddenly mean something
  different than they currently do.

94.httpd_monitor.patc   0
  Didn't test.  If it works for others I'm happy.

95.mod_neg.useragent	-1
  I don't understand how it works, but I know that it's not enough
  for a real solution for the problem.  I think the solution is conditional
  HTML using SGML marked sections, with a config file saying which entities
  result in "true" for which regexps of user agents.  At least, that's the
  solution I'd hold out for.  

96.hpux.RLIMIT.patch	+1
97.proxy-02		+1
  I have not tested this, but the changes it makes to the core server 
  seem to be alright.
98.errorlog.patch       +1
99.bind.patch		+1
  Not tested, but the idea is good.

apache-msql-demo.1.0.	+1
logresolve.c		+1
  put this in "support/" of course.
  It would be nice if we could provide some nice, complete logfile
  rotation and statistical analysis system
  this wouldn't be any slower in perl, would it?

  I smell creeping featuritis, but since it's a separate module I
  suppose that's allowed.  I'd like to see "Redirect", or whatever
  its successor is, allow full Perl4 regexp's, i.e.

  Translate /\/path1\/*\/object/\/path2\/\1\/object/i

  Also, this sounds petty, but the handle of the module, "map_module", is
  way too vague, it could be confused with the imagemap module or the
  content-negotiation type map modules.  Whoever builds this, please change
  the handle to something with less chance of collision.

mod_auth_anon.c		+1
mod_auth_db.c		+1
mod_auth_msql.c		+1
  I didn't compile because I don't have msql.h, but I'm willing to trust
  those who use it and say it works.  

mod_cern_meta.c		+1
mod_env.c		+1


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