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From Mark J Cox <>
Subject Apache Package
Date Wed, 28 Feb 1996 12:26:10 GMT
Our Apache Support has been well received and we have received a number of
comments.  Several clients have suggested that they would like to have an
"Apache ToolBox" comprising of a package of Apache and tools, programs,
commercial database engines as well as a technical support contract.

This happens a lot for the Linux OS, where there are a number of companies
who take Linux and package it with tools and support.  We recently bought
InfoMagic's "Linux Toolbox" because it was easier to insert a CD-ROM and
read a paper installation guide than spend a few hours checking up and
downloading the latest version over the Net.

So UK Web have created such a package for Apache, which will be
distributed as a boxed package with the tools, support programme and
Apache (latest source, binaries).  We want to keep the product as Apache;
I don't think it is at all fair to take everyones hard work on the code
and then to call it something differerent (Like the "Latitude Server"
which even when they add the attribution text will sound like it is only
loosely based on Apache).

Are there any objections to UK Web using the product name "Apache
Business" to identify this product?

Mark Cox, Technical Director, UK Web ------

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