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From Mark J Cox <>
Subject Re: votes on 1.0.2
Date Mon, 12 Feb 1996 14:38:53 GMT
> I personally would vote for the Perl style since it seems to normally
> prompt the user for configuration info. We could then step through
> available modules and descriptions of each.

I don't think prompting the user for each and every module is a good idea. 
Users need to know that coming up is a "new logging module" before they
answer yes to the "clf module","referer log module" and "agent log
module".  I'd soon get annoyed if I had to go through the whole process
multiple times (reminds me of compiling a new Linux kernel!)

The GNU autoconf stuff would be great for checking libraries and OS
specific stuff leaving the module options to be read from a config file of
some description. 

Mark Cox, Technical Director, UK Web ------------

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