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From Mark J Cox <>
Subject Re: Apache & PHP
Date Mon, 12 Feb 1996 11:26:19 GMT
On Sun, 11 Feb 1996, Adam Sussman wrote:
> I am gald to see that you are considering makeing PHP an Apache module.

We were using PHP some time ago and found it to be great for mSQL
integration.  An Apache PHP module would be a great deal nicer as it would
fix the security issues in allowing arbitary files to be processed by PHP
(*1), hence the entry under Wish List on

Mark Cox, Technical Director, UK Web ------------

(*1) You usually use "/cgi-bin/php.cgi/some/file/path/filename.phtml" and
we found putting "/...php.cgi/somescriptname.cgi" will return the source
of a PERL program, "/...php.cgi/protected/filename.html" will return a
file that is in a protected directory and so on. (Using mod_alias only
makes /x/y.phtml redirect to "/cgi-bin/php.cgi/x/y.phtml")

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