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From Alexei Kosut <>
Subject Patches patched... or something
Date Fri, 01 Mar 1996 05:01:10 GMT

I've commited to the CVS repository the following patches: 56b, 78b, 15b,
106, 107, 108c, 109, 110a, 111a, 112b, 113, 114, 116, 117, 118, as well as
the new version of mod_imap.c (patched by me to work with 110), mod_env.c
0.0.5, and I dumped in the cgi-src from NCSA httpd 1.5.1b3 completely,
including the IBM-ERS stuff. I did not patch in 104c.htlock.patch, because
it still #includes <path.h>, which HP-UX at least does not have, or
115.log_ignore_host.patch, which I'm still not sure if Roy/Brian likes,
plus apparently it has some problems with 110 and mod_log_config. 

Since needs to be added to the
apache-cvs.others-who-can-post list, the commit emails are no doubt queued
up in Brian's mailbox (he can decline to forward them on if he likes,
unless someone minds), so those of you subscribed to apache-cvs have not
seen them. But the patches are there, and cvs update does give you the
latest version of the server, with all the patches.

So as of now, though some details do need to be worked out, I'd say that
CVS development is now fair game for all. Well, all whose names are Paul
Richards, Ben Laurie or Alexei Kosut, at any rate. Any additional people
will need to be added to CVSROOT/avail, and ideally their hyperreal
addresses (assuming they have an account there) to the apache-cvs file. 

However, I would ask people to take heed of the Reviewed By: header in
hyperreal's default commit template and get each patch passed by the list
first, else we could end up with some nasty results. 

The other questions are those of snapshots, and releases, and things like
that. But that can be hashed out later. I do have a more pertinent
question, though: what about #define SERVER_VERSION in the CVS tree? Right
now it says "Apache/1.1b0a", which was the last released version, but
isn't quite true, and if people use the development versions, I imagine
we'd like it to be identified as such. So I think at the least,
"Apache/1.1-dev"  it should be changed to. Obviously, releases get it
changed anyhow. Is there an RCS keyword that would give you the latest
modification date of any of the files in the src directory? Obviously,
that'd be the best, but I don't see any such entity. 

Well, I think I've been talking too long now. I'll shut up.

--// Alexei Kosut // <> // Lefler on IRC --//
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"To get the full effect of Pat Buchanan's speeches, they should be
read in the original German." //--------------------------------------

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