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From Alexei Kosut <>
Subject Apache? What's that?
Date Wed, 28 Feb 1996 09:13:16 GMT

Thirty-seven hours ago, in response to Ben Laurie's email on the subject
"CVS", I proposed that, unless a day passed without objection, I would
commit the patches I had applied to apache_1.1b0+ak to the CVS source, and
from that point Apache development would continue using CVS, one patch at
a time, presumably with the author or whomever comitting each after
suitable peer review. 

At any rate, I received no objection to this, but neither did I receive
any affirmation, so I am hesitant to do so. Maybe there was a bunch of
responses and my mail agent ate them, or maybe my email never reached the
list (I honestly don't recall if I received it back or not). At any rate,
could I at least get *some* response as to what sort of idea this is; 
good, bad, so awful I should just be taken out back and shot, or
otherwise? I'd like to see something happen so we can get at least a
working (if certainly not bug-free) 1.1b1 public release by early March.


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