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From Alexei Kosut <>
Subject Re: CVS
Date Mon, 26 Feb 1996 20:42:41 GMT
On Mon, 26 Feb 1996, Ben Laurie wrote:

> Anyway, could those who are CVS equipped please confirm that all is now well.

It works.

> As far as I am concerned, we are ready to roll, at least in an experimental
> mode (meaning if it all goes wrong, it isn't my fault!).

Sounds good.

> So, it would be a Good Thing if we could attempt to do the voting on Apache
> 1.1b1 using CVS instead of the patches.
> Who volunteers to put the patches in (I will if noone else wants to)?

I've already done it twice, so I volunteer. The question is, which 
patches. How about this: unless anyone objects, (does Roy still want to 
veto the log ignore one?) I will add in all the patches I specified in my 
last email and that I put into 1.1b0+ak. I'll give people until tomorrow 
to object. After that, we can handle each one as it comes along.

How's that?

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