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From Alexei Kosut <>
Subject Patches and votes and things
Date Mon, 26 Feb 1996 00:39:24 GMT

As promised, it's Sunday, and so I figured I'd at least set out what 
patches exist for Apache 1.1b0a, and maybe we can vote on them or 

The following patches are in for_Apache_1.1b0a, or have been otherwise 
entered for consideration for the next release. Except as noted, they do 
patch onto 1.1b0a, in the following order:

104b.htlock.patch  - doesn't patch, nor does it compile when hand-patched
105.linux-warning.patch - this patch is reversed
110a.buff.patch - a couple peices need to be hand-patched
115.log_ignore_hosts_cmd.patch - several instances of conn->remote_name
                        need to be replaced with get_remote_host()
mod_imap.c - a lot of rprintf()s need to be replaced with rputs()/rvputs()
             and a getline with !cfg_getline (note that 110a does this
             wrong for the old mod_imap.c)
mod_env.c (version 0.0.5, found in apache/dist/contrib/modules)
the cgi-src patch that Brian forwarded from IBM

I haven't heard a response from the CVS folks on whether or not it's okay
to commit stuff yet, so I'll assume it isn't. What course of action do we
next want to take? Whatever it is, 110 is making it increasingly likely
that conflicts will occur with later patches, so we should do *something*
soon. Either patching all this onto the CVS version so that future patches
can be made against that, or creating another internal release. 

P.S. Again, I've put my patched version (with all the above patches except
104b) into httpd/incoming/apache_1.1b0+ak.tar.gz. And unlike the last one
by that name, this one works.

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