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From Alexei Kosut <>
Subject Re: Votes, and 1.0.3?
Date Fri, 16 Feb 1996 05:18:49 GMT
On Thu, 15 Feb 1996, Aram Mirzadeh wrote:

> I don't see the point of building both.  As far as testing test patches in
> general public if you have one that holds everything, then they'll test 

No, I think you're confused. (though I could be wrong) 1.0.3 would not be 
a test version of 1.1b1 or anything else. It would be just like 1.0.1 and 
1.0.2 - and as you say earlier - 1.0.0 with 3 patch revisions. Bug fixes 
that have been tested and are known to, well, fix bugs. The cookie one 
for example, which causes Apache 1.0.2 to go poof.

The point here is to make darn sure we have a stable 1.0.x base before we
go on to 1.1. Unlike 1.1b1, or whicever, this *should* be trusted, and
would be the current "stable" release. At the same time, we would release
1.1b1 (either publicly or just internally), which would contain all the
rest of the patches, feature enhancements and so forth. 

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