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From Alexei Kosut <>
Subject Re: patch 90g
Date Sun, 11 Feb 1996 05:20:33 GMT
On Sat, 10 Feb 1996, Brian Behlendorf wrote:

> It's still a good thing to document.  I.e. "Any response which does not 
> have a known content-length before content is actually sent will 
> terminate a persistant connection.  I.e., CGI script output, HTML 
> documents with server-side includes, etc." (any others?) 

Directory listings.

> The crucial question to me, though, is: if Netscape is configured to open 
> 4 simultaneous connections, and it opens 4 to a page with 3 inlined 
> images, those 4 objects will be requested as 4 separate connections, not 
> one keep-alive connection through which 4 objects pass, right?  I guess 
> that suggests that keepalive is only beneficial if the number of inlined 
> objects is greater than the number of allowed simultaneous connections.  
> Or am I missing something?  I wish I could see what the traffic between 
> netscape and the server looked like, raw....

So do we all... Yeah, I've wondered the same thing myself. For all we
know, Netscape just closes the connection right afterwards, anyway. At any
rate, I seem to recall reading sometime on http-wg that persistent
connections really began to get useful once the request timeout went past
about 10 seconds, which would be more people clicking on links than
loading images. 

> Hmm, one thing that would help is if the httpd process PID could be 
> logged in mod_log_config.

Yeah. Maybe. Though it could be misleading. Since two requests on the 
same connection could *look* the same as two requests on different 
connections if they both happened to get the same child.

> It's just that having a multiplicity of responses which force a 
> persistant-connection termination is a bad thing... the more there arem 
> the less useful persistant-connections is.  We should identify them and 
> try to reconcile them.  

Well, having some persistent connections is more useful than having none. 
And it doesn't lie about it - it doesn't send a Connection: Keep-Alive, 
and then just close it at the end without warning. If it did that, it'd 
be bad, but as it is, it's still better than nothing.

> You just can't remove something from a to-do list without adding three 
> others, huh?  :)

Guess not. :)

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