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From Alexei Kosut <>
Subject Re: enough
Date Sat, 10 Feb 1996 08:50:55 GMT
On Fri, 9 Feb 1996, Rob Hartill wrote:

> Consider patches/for_Apache_1.0.2/  closed. I think there's
> more than enough there to keep everyone happy.

*shrug* I was talking to a friend the other day, and he insited that the 
feature he most wanted in Apache wasn't in one of these patches: The 
ability to wash and wax his car.

BTW, let's all thank whomever installed the FTP server on hyperreal for 
making work.

>  100b.os2_port.patch    09-Feb-96 15:26    26K

-1: Don't run OS/2, don't plan to. But more important than that,
    it doesn't patch cleany, either, but maybe I missed something. I tried
    both before and after the rest of them.

>  23a.mmap.patch         07-Feb-96 10:19     4K

-1: Not quite. Patches and compiles fun, but...:

map: Operation not supported
httpd: Could not mmap memory

And then it dies (HP/UX 9.04) I don't like my HTTP server to just not run.

>  56.alias_userdir.patc..04-Dec-95 21:19     3K

+1: Of course, I wrote it :P

>  61a.preserve_redirect..19-Dec-95 02:21     2K

+1: Sure.

>  62a.escape_html.patch  09-Feb-96 03:50    12K

+1: More good ideas.

>    09-Feb-96 06:45     4K

+1: Me, I think "make hpux" is preferable to editing a file, and typing
    "Configure", then "make".

>  66.htaccess-cache.pat..14-Dec-95 06:28     5K

+1: More speed stuff. I like it.

>  68b.strftime.patch     08-Feb-96 03:51     5K

+1: Guess we have to play nice with Solaris, then.

>  70c.LynxOS_port.patch  07-Feb-96 09:04     1K

+1: Never used LynxOS in my life, but if it works...

>  72.mod_imap_overhaul...21-Dec-95 21:02    14K

+1: Partially my idea, who am I to say no?

>  72a.mod_imap_overhaul..05-Feb-96 22:30     1K

+1: More fun stuff.

>  73a.mod_actions.patch  05-Jan-96 20:44     7K

+1: Wow. Another one of mine.

>  74.icons.patch         03-Jan-96 02:23     2K

+1: Hey, so's this one.

>  75.icons.tar.gz        22-Dec-95 19:49    24K

+1: And this is, too. Do I detect a theme?

>  76a.posix_wait4proces..08-Feb-96 09:40     1K

+1: Sure. Why not?

>  77.user_name.patch     03-Jan-96 13:45     1K

+1: Okay, I'll go for this. Could be useful.

>  78.preserve_redirect_..02-Feb-96 09:37     2K

+1: Defnitely. Especially important with actions and things.

> 06:10     1K

+1: Who am I to argue with an OS designed by Steve Jobs?

>  83.timefmt.patch       21-Jan-96 06:17     1K

+0: Patches clealy, but I think we had decided it wasn't neccessary.

>  84b.timeout.patch      04-Feb-96 16:41     2K

+1: Those of us on slow connections will adore you forever, Nathan.

>  85.lost_conn.patch     30-Jan-96 20:13     1K

+1: Third time's a charm.

>  86.scoreboard_into_lo..30-Jan-96 22:54     3K

-1: In favor of...

>  86a.scoreboard_into_l..07-Feb-96 12:37     3K

+1: Whichever.

>  87.rlimit_warning.pat..31-Jan-96 10:45     1K

+1: I have no clue what this patch does, but it sounds good.

>  88.cookie_pstrcat.pat..31-Jan-96 18:41     1K

+1: Oops.

>  89.minSpare.patch      02-Feb-96 10:18     1K

+1: What are users doing using this server, anyhow? A Ph.D should be 

>  90g.keepalive.patch    09-Feb-96 11:56    10K

+1: Wow. Another one of mine. Take seven, too. Think we got it right?

>  91.config_dns.patch    03-Feb-96 23:16     5K

+1: I'll buy that. Come to think of it, I did - it's free.

>  92.alias_htaccess.pat..05-Feb-96 20:09     1K

+1: Hey... that name looks familiar.

>  93.opt_all_mv.patch    05-Feb-96 20:09     1K

+1: Damn the torpedos, full speed ahead.

>  94.httpd_monitor.patc..07-Feb-96 05:18    11K

+0: the patch against Makefile failed... but the http_monitor.c stuff
    worked. But then, I never used that anyhow.

>  95.mod_neg.useragent...08-Feb-96 12:55     3K

+0: Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh. Bet Roy loves this one. Leave it out of
    my server. (but I'm not vetoing it)

>  96.hpux.RLIMIT.patch   08-Feb-96 20:44     1K

+1: Wow. Someone else uses HP-UX?

>  97.proxy-02.tar.gz     09-Feb-96 07:53    34K

-1: Doesn't link on my system:

/bin/ld: Unsatisfied symbols:
   utimes (code)

Otherwise, looks great. And I'm not too bitter about the "None of 
Alexei's code is left" comment, either.

>  98.errorlog.patch      09-Feb-96 08:49     4K

+1: Again with this helping users business...

>  99.bind.patch          09-Feb-96 11:17    11K

-1: Sorry, but after all the other patches, this one fails. Time for a

>  apache-msql-demo.1.0...09-Feb-96 11:30    13K

-1: I don't think enough of us use mSQL for this to be part of the
    distribution. Would probably be lovely in contrib, though.

>  logresolve.c           08-Feb-96 11:11     8K

+0: Looks okay. Haven't tested it, though.

>  mod_alias_map.c        09-Feb-96 11:19     7K

+0: Methinks this would be better as a patch to mod_alias, but... I'm not
    sure if I like it or not, either.

>  mod_auth_anon.c        09-Feb-96 11:19     6K

+1: Uh, I guess. Sounds neat.

>  mod_auth_db.c          02-Feb-96 12:33     8K
+0: I'm not convinced of the need for this. But if you say so...

>  mod_auth_msql.c        09-Feb-96 11:20    14K

-1: No. Keep SQL stuff away from the distribution. I don't think
    enough people use it.

>  mod_cern_meta.c        06-Feb-96 07:25    10K

+1: Sure.

>  mod_env.c              23-Dec-95 11:28     7K

+1: Good idea. I like it.

Well, that's it. A reminder, I'd like to build this beast. If Rob really
does mind (can never tell when he's joking or not), I'll arm-wrestle him
for it. (that is a joke, btw).

Anyhow, I think that's it. Gack. A fair number of -1s above. I'm willing 
to be talked out of them. (although the ones that make my HTTP server not 
work I probably can't be).

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