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From Alexei Kosut <>
Subject Re: more Keep-Alive - possible problem
Date Wed, 07 Feb 1996 07:12:05 GMT
On Tue, 6 Feb 1996, Rob Hartill wrote:

> Won't extra data confuse the hell out of well-behaved clients?
> Will it get buffered and read by the client thinking it's part
> of the next response?

I've decided Netscape's behavior is just *weird*. For one thing (at 
least, for the Mac), if it gets more data than the Content-length says it 
should get, before it sends another request, it assumes it should be 
tacked onto the previous request, and does so. Although, sending extra 
data is illegal anyhow, and I guess that's a graceful way of dealing with 
mis-labeled Content-lengths as any.

At any rate, I've further localized the bug. It's not, as I reported 
earlier, 67 byte files and smaller, but rather HTTP responses smaller 
than 255 bytes (including both the response-line, headers and body). 
Which at least is a more round number (in the binary sense). It also means 
we could stick in a bogus header that would round out the number of bytes 
to >255...

> If there is a bug with Mac Netscape, the best thing to do is disable
> keepalives for the small content-lengths and disable this only
> for requests that admit coming from Mac Mozilla.

Oh, you mean like Microsoft Internet Explorer... Mozilla/1.21.... which
also sends Keep-Alive, but works perfectly. 

Besides, don't knock it 'till you've tried it. I've confirmed that this
bug exists in Netscape/Mac, on several systems, and I believe Netscape
uses shared code across their platforms for this sort of thing, and I was
wondering if anyone has attempted to see if this exists on other OSes,
which I don't have access to. So if someone could point a Unix or Windows
version of Netscape 2.0 at, and tell
me what happens (it's a 10 byte file, which makes 195 bytes w/ headers,
and causes the Mac version to hang for 15 seconds at "100%" until the
connection times out), that'd be helpful. I haven't yet filled out a bug
report form at Netscape, I'd like to get all my facts straight first.

> Poor mac lusers... no java, busted keepalives and no compressed
> content-encodings.


> Aren't you glad you have a real computer?

I can't tell... is this statement derogatory towards Macs or complementary
of them? I could interpret it both ways. (depends who the "you" is
pointing at). 

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