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From Alexei Kosut <>
Subject Re: more Keep-Alive - possible problem
Date Mon, 05 Feb 1996 22:51:43 GMT

Well, after some more testing, I've concluded that there *is* a bug in 
Netscape 2.0/Mac re Keep-Alive, but luckily not a large one: If the 
content-length is less than 68 bytes (don't know where that comes from, 
but it's the case), it won't identify the end of the file correctly, and 
will hang until the request times out.

This isn't a big problem, I don't think. The patch should be modified so 
anything under, say, 100 bytes, isn't Keep-Alived, and I think that's a 
hack we all can live with. Not many documents are under 100 bytes anyhow, 
but for those who are, I think it's a small enough comprimise to do this 
so it doesn't get people who are using Netscape on small pages annoyed 
with Apache.

I also agree with Rob H that KeepAliveTimeout 0 should disable persistent
connection support. So I've put a 90e.keepalive.patch into
/httpd/incoming/ (move it to for_Apache_1.0.2 please, someone) that adds
the <100 byte and KeepAliveTimeout 0 features to 90d. And I'd like to
reccomend that 90-90d be removed. They'd just be vetoed anyhow, and
they're cluttering up the directory. 


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