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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject Announcing Apache 1.0.3
Date Mon, 19 Feb 1996 23:52:16 GMT

The Apache Group is pleased to announce the release of Apache 1.0.3, a
mostly maintenance release in the "1.0" series.  There is nothing
significantly new, mostly bug fixes and portability enhancements, so the
changes since 1.0 are noted below so you can decide if you should upgrade.
Apache 1.1 will have an early public beta debut around the beginning of



Changes with Apache 1.0.3

  *) Internal redirects which occur in mod_dir.c now preserve the
     query portion of a request (the bit after the question mark).
     [Adam Sussman]

  *) Escape active characters '<', '>' and '&' in html output in
     directory listings, error messages and redirection links.
     [David Robinson]

  *) Apache will now work with LynxOS 2.3 and later [Steven Watt]

  *) Fix for POSIX compliance in waiting for processes in alloc.c
     [Nick Williams]

  *) setsockopt no longer takes a const declared argument [Martijn Koster]

  *) Reset timeout timer after each successful fwrite() to the network.
     This patch adds a reset_timeout() procedure that is called by
     send_fd() to reset the timeout ever time data is written to the net.
     [Nathan Schrenk]

  *) timeout() signal handler now checks for SIGPIPE and reports
     lost connections in a more user friendly way. [Rob Hartill]

  *) Location of the file ( default logs/apache_runtime_status ) can be
     altered by httpd.conf ScoreBoardFile setting - works similar
     to PidFile (lots of PidFile stuff copied)

  *) Include sys/resource.h in the correct place for SunOS4 [Samerr Parekh]

  *) the pstrcat call in mod_cookies.c didn't have an ending NULL,
     which caused a SEGV with cookies enabled

  *) Output warning when MinSpareServers is set to <= 0 and change it to 1
     [Rob Hartill]

  *) Log the UNIX textual error returned by some system calls, in
     particular errors from accept() [David Robinson]

  *) Add strerror function to util.c for SunOS4 [Randy Terbush]

Changes with Apache 1.0.2

  *) patch to get Apache compiled on UnixWare 2.x, recommended as 
     a temporary measure, pending rewrite of rfc931.c. [Chuck Murcko]

  *) Fix get_basic_auth_pw() to set the auth_type of the request.
     [David Robinson]

  *) past changes to http_config.c to only use the 
     setrlimit function on systems defining RLIMIT_NOFILE
     broke the feature on SUNOS4. Now defines HAVE_RESOURCE
     for SUNOS and prototypes the needed functions.

  *) Remove uses of MAX_STRING_LEN/HUGE_STRING_LEN from several routines.
     [David Robinson]

  *) Fix use of pointer to scratch memory. [Cliff Skolnick]

  *) Merge multiple headers from CGI scripts instead of taking last
     one. [David Robinson]

  *) Add support for SCO 5. [Ben Laurie]

Changes with Apache 1.0.1

  *) Silence mod_log_referer and mod_log_agent if not configured
     [Randy Terbush]

  *) Recursive includes can occur if the client supplies PATH_INFO data
     and the server provider uses relative links; as file.html
     relative to /doc.shtml/pathinfo is /doc.shtml/file.html. [David Robinson]

  *) The replacement for initgroups() did not call {set,end}grent(). This
     had two implications: if anything else used getgrent(), then
     initgroups() would fail, and it was consuming a file descriptor.
     [Ben Laurie]

  *) On heavily loaded servers it was possible for the scoreboard to get 
     out of sync with reality, as a result of a race condition.
     The observed symptoms are far more Apaches running than should
     be, and heavy system loads, generally followed by catastrophic
     system failure. [Ben Laurie]

  *) Fix typo in license. [David Robinson]

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