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From William Denton <>
Subject Re: this is no bug (fwd)
Date Tue, 20 Feb 1996 18:11:06 GMT

I'm afraid I haven't been able to get any contact addresses at Open
Text yet.  Two guys came to the office and left us with thousands of
dollars worth of software, but only one of them gave us a card and he
doesn't return his phone calls.  We still can't get the search engine
to do what we want.

Anyway, here's what it says in the monster Latitude manual:

There are numerous references to the "HTTP Daemon."  How do I change
the setup, etc.  They answer "How do I get more information" by
saying, "The HTTP Daemon ship [sic] is from the Apache Group.  See the
Web site at URL"  Then they go on to say it
will all work with any other server that supports CGI 1.0 or above,
like the Netscape servers, WebSite, NCSA, etc.

So, they certainly aren't fulfilling the agreement in the LICENSE
document, although they are in the same ballpark, at least.  If
someone wrote and told them to get their act together
they might fix it up.


William Denton | <URL:> | | Caveat lector.
		    "Let's keep the party polite."

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