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Subject Re: CVS
Date Tue, 27 Feb 1996 02:59:10 GMT
> Well, I have other reservations, such as the added load imposed on
> hyperreal by people having a lot of people running remote cvs and my
> original opinion that it would be more effort to set up remote cvs access
> than to set up sup.

I don't know if cvs uses more server resources than sup.  I do know that
I much prefer to use CVS.  With cvs I can do a remote diff before
getting and installing any particular change.  Being able to do a cvs
status on files and getting notifications when certain things change
in the cvs tree is also helpful.  The cvs history stuff is useful too.
You can't do any of that with sup.  

> If you want to give this a try then I'm not too bothered at this stage
> since most of the people requesting it will probably end up with full cvs
> access in the future since they're all current developers.
> I think a much wider audience should ultimately have access to the cvs
> repository though and remote cvs will not be a good way to do that.

That may be true.  People with no interest in doing development on the
tree may not need any of the features that cvs provides.  Straight
ftp distributions should be enough for these people though.  If someone
ran a 'cvs update' every hour, for example, on some cvs work directory
in an ftp'able directory somewhere and had a decent ftpd where people
would simply be able to do a "get dir.tar.gz" and have ftpd tar up the
working directory for them, I think that would be sufficient.  sup 
really isn't used all that much outside of the BSD world.  ftp is

Rasmus Lerdorf

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