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Subject Re: patch - vote
Date Mon, 12 Feb 1996 00:57:02 GMT
> The voting process will I hope go away completely when people start
> using cvs. If you have a complete new module or a something that
> fundamentally changes the way things work then the technical merits of
> whether it is desirable should be discussed here so that people don't make
> radical changes that everyone hates.

I am new to the list, so tell me to clam up if this is inappropriate, but I
am interested in what the CVS plans are here.  I have been toying with the 
idea of a web-based CVS system that uses RFC-1867 file uploading through 
PHP/FI on the server-side and JavaScript on the client-side to provide an
almost idiot-proof multi-platform CVS environment.  

Rasmus Lerdorf

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