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From Ben Laurie <>
Subject Re: Apache? What's that?
Date Wed, 28 Feb 1996 09:30:19 GMT
> Hmm..
> Thirty-seven hours ago, in response to Ben Laurie's email on the subject
> "CVS", I proposed that, unless a day passed without objection, I would
> commit the patches I had applied to apache_1.1b0+ak to the CVS source, and
> from that point Apache development would continue using CVS, one patch at
> a time, presumably with the author or whomever comitting each after
> suitable peer review. 
> At any rate, I received no objection to this, but neither did I receive
> any affirmation, so I am hesitant to do so. Maybe there was a bunch of
> responses and my mail agent ate them, or maybe my email never reached the
> list (I honestly don't recall if I received it back or not). At any rate,
> could I at least get *some* response as to what sort of idea this is; 
> good, bad, so awful I should just be taken out back and shot, or
> otherwise? I'd like to see something happen so we can get at least a
> working (if certainly not bug-free) 1.1b1 public release by early March.

I didn't bother to reply, because I advocated doing it in the first place. The
rest of the group seem to have gone into apathetic mode wrt CVS, so I say
stick it in. If the rest won't lead, they'll have to follow. Don't forget that
we have already agreed to do this.

Every time we dither like this it makes the job of switching to CVS harder.
If we could at least keep the CVS tree in line with the patches, then people
could switch over gradually. As it is, there's little incentive, because CVS
is always out of date.



> Thanks.
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