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From Ben Laurie <>
Subject CVS
Date Wed, 21 Feb 1996 17:18:58 GMT
I'm just finishing putting 1.1b0a into CVS (a nontrivial task). Once that is
done, I intend to apply "current" patches to the tree. So, I'd like to know
which patches in for_1.1b0a are considered suitable for inclusion, which are
still offered for "pre-commit review", and which I should ignore.

Before people start jumping up and down and shouting "Due process!", let me
say that inclusion in the CVS tree does _not_ imply inclusion in the next
release. Our current thinking (that is, Paul and me, and perhaps others) is
that voting will occur when the group feel that a release is timely. The vote
will be on the accumulated diffs between the previous release and the current
head. I understand that this will cause some difficulties (for instance,
overlapped patches, and patches we want to keep but not include in the current
release) but we must work those out over the next few weeks.

So, the idea is to employ a fairly relaxed policy about updating the tree,
and sort it out for each release. Of course, for patches to be included in the
tree they must not be so broken that they prevent others' development.



BTW, please don't get overexcited and start playing with the CVS tree yet -
I need to actually finish this update, and add a few minor changes to deal
with Configuration, before people start messing with things. Also, I need Brian
to do some minor fiddling with groups, but he seems to not be around at the mo

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