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From Ben Laurie <>
Subject Re: Apache module "mod_expires.c"
Date Mon, 19 Feb 1996 14:46:11 GMT
> [Thomas has been playing with the mod_expires.c module and noticed
> that he couldn't get it to compile, cuz there was no definition for
> HTTP_TIME_FORMAT.  It should be defined in httpd.h and the problems
> don't exist in 1.0.1/2/3 versions of the source tree...]
> Hi Thomas,
> 	Mmm, looks like you've jumped the gun a little.  As I understand 
> it the 1.1b0a version of the source tree doesn't exist yet, possibly
> you've got a pre-release version of the code.  I don't even know
> where to get hold of that version so where did you get it from?
> If you can't find the HTTP_TIME_FORMAT in the src/httpd.h file then
> that indicated that your source is corrupted and you should trash
> it and start again with a working source, the current release
> version being 1.0.2 wich you can pick up from .
> Note to CVS people:  it's broken, why?  Where did the 1.1 tree
> diverge from 1.0.2!!

This is nothing to do with CVS. I quote a reply from David Robinson on Feb 6:

>Anyway, mod_expires 0.0.3 will not compile after patch 68.strftime is
>applied, due to the loss of the HTTP_TIME_FORMAT #define.

That's intentional. Anyway, why was mod_expires using HTTP_TIME_FORMAT
instead of the read-made gm_timestr_822() routine in util.c??




> Cheers,
> Ay.
> FYI: Paul Richards is having the day off so won't be able to read
> any CVS-related mail till tomorrow.


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