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From "Roy T. Fielding" <field...@avron.ICS.UCI.EDU>
Subject Re: Last call for patches
Date Thu, 15 Feb 1996 21:32:57 GMT
> Maybe we should have a
> KeepAlive1.0Experiment on
> directive to enable it for 1.0 clients?

No. Like I said, I lost that battle.

>> Lessee...
>>    a) Always remove Connection and any header fields listed by Connection
>>       prior to forwarding
>>    b) Add a Forwarded header field
>>    c) Check and prevent loops via the Forwarded fields
>>    d) The proxy must know all of its names/IP addresses, including
>>       abbreviations, in order to prevent proxying itself.
>> If you are really excited, you can implement the TRACE method as well.
> I can have a go at fixing d) as soon as we have a 1.1 version built.
> Re a) and b); I deliberately coded to the 1.0 spec only.

That's bad -- you need (a) to prevent a deadlock state, even in 1.0.
I strongly recommend doing it before any release.

> One more thing; currently, the proxy module sends the HTTP version it got
> from the remote server to the client; so if it gets an HTTP/1.1 response,
> it sends an HTTP/1.1 response. Should it reset the version to HTTP/1.0,
> assuming it didn't actually know anything about 1.1?

That is fatal and must be changed (i.e., it gets a -1).  The Apache
server must send HTTP/1.0 no matter what the origin sends, since it
only knows HTTP/1.0 natively.  We would be the first proxy to break
that rule, and it would kill the whole purpose of HTTP versioning.


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