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From Ben Laurie <>
Subject Re: Permissions for derivative products...
Date Tue, 13 Feb 1996 16:55:56 GMT
> Well, it seems someone has finally decided to ask what the license
> language actually means... the fellow contacted me directly, and asked
> what his rights and responsibilities were wrt the license.  IMHO, the
> right thing to tell him would be that:
> 1) He's in the clear wrt us so long as his documentation and ads
>    contain the notice "This product includes software develped by
>    the Apache group..."

Seems correct.

> 2) That given that his software contains the server core and basically
>    nothing else, that it seems appropriate not to use the Apache name,
>    or the Apache group name, in any more prominent fashion, but simply
>    call it by its own proper name, whatever he chooses to call it.

As I understand it, the license prohibits use of the name without permission,
but requires the acknowledgement of the group. So, he can call it what he likes
(except Apache). He only needs permission from us if he wants to call it
Apache, or some derivative.

As for the "promoting" aspect - what is intended, I thought, was that he
shouldn't say "buy xyz from me, it must be great, it uses Apache", without
asking, or worse, "buy Apache-XYZ from me", but he is obliged to say "buy xyz.
This product includes software developed by the Apache Group".



> (I'd appreciate it if one of the more lawyerly souls around here could
> take charge of this... particularly if someone already has a form letter
> they can just send out in response to these sorts of inquiries).
> rst
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> Hi,
> I'm not sure if you're the correct person to address this to, but since
> it seems that you've down the most work on the Apache project, i figured
> that you might be able to direct this if not handle it outright.
> I work as a contractor/consultant and have put together a browser/email/news
> system for a client which uses a derivative of the Apache server as part
> of the package. 
> The server part has all of the modules stripped out, then my own put in to
> handle all requests directly (kept core_module, common_log_module only).
> This server binary will be sold as part of the system by my client.
> What are my obligations other than the copyright notices specified in 
> the source files? Also, it state that the names "Apache Server" and
> "Apache Group" must not be used to promote...without prior written
> permission. From whom might my client obtion such permission?
> Thanks for any help.
> Cheers.

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