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From Ben Laurie <>
Subject CVS status
Date Mon, 12 Feb 1996 12:08:58 GMT

After a mere two months (or was it more?) I've finally managed to check Apache
out using CVS. Now, I'm a little confused as to the status of the CVS version.

Firstly, the main branch seems to be at 1.0.0. Shouldn't it be at 1.0.2 by now?
Or 1.1b0, or 1.1b1? Or even some other version number (1.1b1x?) indicating that
it isn't necessarily a particular version (i.e. it is in between tagged

Secondly, there seems to be a Vendor branch with 1.0.1 in it. Shouldn't this
have been merged into the main branch?

Thirdly, have any changes been made to the main branch? Is there a quick way
to find out (short of trawling through the log for every file)?

Fourthly, if we were to include the patches into CVS as well, it would ease
the load for people like me who are short of time. By this I don't mean _apply_
the patches to the current version, I mean have a patches tree in the CVS tree.
Presumably applying the patches would actually not help, since it would be
troublesome to unapply the patches one didn't like (unless patch can be made
to run backwards?).

Fifthly, a scheme for configuration which doesn't involve editing one of the
distribution files will save a lot of tedium with Configuration (which will
otherwise flap around like a mad thing, I'm sure).



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