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From "Roy T. Fielding" <field...@avron.ICS.UCI.EDU>
Subject Re: proxy trouble?
Date Wed, 07 Feb 1996 21:21:59 GMT
>> Can you also do
>>    Alias ftp://my.domain/ /var/spool/ftp/
>>    ProxyRemote ftp
>>(i.e., map some ftp requests into the local filesystem),
> No, at least not with alias. It would be easy to set up a ProxyAlias,
> though. Should there be any restrictions on the URL?

I think it should be a prefix match, same as Alias.  Why can't Alias be
used -- is it a code order problem?  Or does Alias assume a leading slash?

>>and how about
>>    ProxyRemote <URL-prefix> <remote-server>
>>so you could do selective proxy redirecting
>>    ProxyRemote ftp://good.guys.domain/
>>    ProxyRemote ftp
> That would also be a simple enhancement. Should the <URL-prefix> be
> limited to scheme://domain or should any text be allowed?

Any URL prefix, I think.

> I forgot to mention that
> ProxyRemote *
> matches all schemes.


>> > 2. CacheSize <size>
>> > 
>> > Sets the desired space usage of the cache, in Kb (1024 byte units).
>> > Although usage may grow above this setting, the garbage collection will
>> > delete files until the usage is at or below this setting.
>> You should also have a CacheMaxSize (preventing any growth greater than X)
> I don't see how I can do this; when the cache is updated there is no
> record of how data is in the cache.

You need to have something -- the point of a limit is to prevent overuse
of a shared filesystem.  People will be very upset if the cache is allowed
to fill up the disk between GC times (easy to do on a busy proxy).
You could put a current size in the cache's FAT (if you use one) or in
something like the scoreboard.

>> Have you put in a special case to prevent a server-push from being cached,
>> or is that done by some other means?  Just curious.
> I don't cache HTTP/1.x responses with don't have a Last-Modified; would
> that be enough?

Ummm, I suppose -- I've never suffered enough braindeath to actually want
to use server push, so I have no idea what people include in the headers.


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