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From (Garey Smiley)
Subject Porting Problem.
Date Sun, 04 Feb 1996 21:06:52 GMT
Hi All,
	I am facing the following problem with the OS/2  port. When using IBM's HPFS
(High Performance File System) file naming is case sensitive, but file
matching is not. As in a file can be named "Readme" or "README", etc. But file
opening is noncase sensitive. If you request to open "readme" the file system
will open what ever file matches "readme" in a noncase sensitive comparison.
"readme" equals "README", "Readme", etc. Where the problem comes in is when
you try to match files in a directory to the appropriate icon it needs to
happen in a noncase sensitive comaprison. Any ideas on how best to handle

Garey Smiley
SoftLink Services
(216)848-1312 FAX/Data(216)699-4474

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