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From Brandon Long <>
Subject Re: Apache 1.1 slowness (with fix)
Date Thu, 29 Feb 1996 18:33:18 GMT
Last time, Roy T. Fielding uttered the following other thing:
> > My system is a SPARCclassic running Solaris 2.5, with an unloaded 10BaseT
> > ethernet.
> > 
> > Without the patch, the response time for a request for a tiny file (6 bytes)
> > was ~60ms.
> > With the patch, it is 29ms.
> Approximately 30ms just for a TCP flush?  That sucks.  I wonder if this
> is just a Solaris bug.  Does anyone know what the cost of a socket flush 
> is on other platforms?

In profiling NCSA, I noticed that the majority of time (well, except
that spent in actual read/write) was in fflush/fclose, on 
every system I tried it on (AIX3, Solaris, HP-UX)


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