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From Andrew <>
Subject Re: Apache Package
Date Thu, 29 Feb 1996 01:06:15 GMT
> How about "UK Web Apache Toolbox", "SomeCleverMarketName: Apache Toolbox"
> or "UK Web Commercial Apache"?  
> The first two would be consitant with what Sameer is doing with his
> commercial Apache SSL server ("SomeNameToBeDecided: Apache-SSL-US") and
> the last with what generally happens with Linux ("RedHat Commercial
> Linux").  I'd like the group to be happy with what we do.

Speaking for myself, this is a nicer naming convention than the
'Apache foo, bar, baz' approach, which might suggest to the clueless
that this is somehow an officially sanctioned/supported project.
[It is, to a certain extent, in so far as I'm sure that we're all
keen for it to be a success;  it just doesn't involve us, nor have
we (moi) had a say in the development of the toolkit or taken steps
to assure its quality].  At the end of the day you're selling UK
Web, not an internet product, so it's probably a good idea to hype
yourselves as much, if not more so, than Apache.

> Mark


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