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Subject hier_cache.patch
Date Tue, 27 Feb 1996 05:15:21 GMT
	I'm about to put this in /httpd/incoming -- I think it's
important to keep directory size small if you are going to setup a
huge cache.

From: (Sameer Parekh)
Subject: Add hierarchy to the cache dir
Comments: This allows you to set CacheDirNameSize, which is the max length
        of an element in a directoryname for a cached file. That way if
        a cache entry hashes to 209clskddf it gets stored in 
        CACHEDIR/209c/lskd/df (if CacheDirNameSize is 4) --
        I'm quite shaky on the garbage collection here..
        I *THINK* that the garbage collection has been properly
        patched, but it's iffy.

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