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Subject abstracting out the proxy handlers
Date Mon, 26 Feb 1996 21:50:35 GMT
	In order to implement an https proxy while making the evil
folks at ITAR happy, I abstracting out the http_handler http_canon,
ftp_handler, ftp_canon functions in mod_proxy.c, using a structure
like the following:

typedef struct proxy_handler_struct {
  char *protocol;
  int (*handler_func)();
  int (*canon_func)();
} proxy_handler_rec;

static proxy_handler_rec proxy_handler_funcs[] = {
  { "http", http_canon, http_handler },
  { "ftp", ftp_canon, ftp_handler },
  { "https", https_canon, https_handler },
  { NULL }

	https_* functions would be linked in seperately. Before I work
on this too much, it would be nice to know if people think this is
completely stupid, so I don't waste my time. What do folks think?

	(I'm also adding in some stuff to allow for proxy chains,
which might not belong in core apache, but I need it for my
application. I'll make sure I seperate out the patches.)

Sameer Parekh					Voice:   510-601-9777x3
Community ConneXion, Inc.			FAX:     510-601-9734
The Internet Privacy Provider			Dialin:  510-658-6376 (or login as "guest")

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