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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Re: Patches and votes and things
Date Mon, 26 Feb 1996 10:53:28 GMT
> As promised, it's Sunday,

Who promised it was going to be Sunday?, it's Monday here!

> and so I figured I'd at least set out what 
> patches exist for Apache 1.1b0a, and maybe we can vote on them or 
> something.
> The following patches are in for_Apache_1.1b0a, or have been otherwise 
> entered for consideration for the next release. Except as noted, they do 
> patch onto 1.1b0a, in the following order:
> 56b.alias_userdir.patch
> 78b.preserve_redirect.patch
> 104b.htlock.patch  - doesn't patch, nor does it compile when hand-patched
> 105.linux-warning.patch - this patch is reversed
> 106.proxy_fix.patch
> 107.int_redir_hdrs.patch
> 108c.sysv-shared-mem.patch
> 109.keepalive_subpool.patch
> 113.keepalive_segv.patch
> 110a.buff.patch - a couple peices need to be hand-patched
> 112b.ident.patch
> 114.ssi_variables.patch
> 115.log_ignore_hosts_cmd.patch - several instances of conn->remote_name
>                         need to be replaced with get_remote_host()
> 116.keepalive_flush.patch
> mod_imap.c - a lot of rprintf()s need to be replaced with rputs()/rvputs()
>              and a getline with !cfg_getline (note that 110a does this
>              wrong for the old mod_imap.c)
> mod_env.c (version 0.0.5, found in apache/dist/contrib/modules)
> the cgi-src patch that Brian forwarded from IBM

> P.S. Again, I've put my patched version (with all the above patches except
> 104b) into httpd/incoming/apache_1.1b0+ak.tar.gz. And unlike the last one
> by that name, this one works.

Thanks. Assuming that source has all the above patches (except for 104)
I'll +1 them all. 

Of note when compiling 1.1b0+ak,

        c89 -c +O3 -Ae -DXBITHACK -I/usr/local/include -DHPUX http_main.c
cc: "http_main.c", line 991: warning 604: Pointers are not assignment-compatible.
cc: "http_main.c", line 991: warning 563: Argument #2 is not the correct type.


        c89 -c +O3 -Ae -DXBITHACK -I/usr/local/include -DHPUX mod_proxy.c
cc: "mod_proxy.c", line 973: warning 604: Pointers are not assignment-compatible.
cc: "mod_proxy.c", line 973: warning 563: Argument #2 is not the correct type.
cc:  warning 475: Variable "i" declared in function "ftp_getrc" is not initialized before
being used.


        c89 -c +O3 -Ae -DXBITHACK -I/usr/local/include -DHPUX mod_cern_meta.c
cc: "mod_cern_meta.c", line 264: warning 608: Illegal integer-pointer combination in assignment.

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