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From Andrew <>
Subject Re: IBM-ERS Advisory about HTTPD (fwd)
Date Sun, 25 Feb 1996 12:54:21 GMT
I don't use *any* of the cgi-src tools, in fact I don't think I've
even been in that directory the whole time I've been in the project.
Who is using these tools regularly?

If we can't apply the same level of peer review to the tools as we
can to the core server src/*.c stuff then perhaps we shouldn't run
the risk of even distributing them.  There are now several CGI
libraries extant, couldn't this tool set be donated to a group more
able to oversee their upgrades and the like?  Alternatively should
there be an Apache-approved toolset distribution, maintained in
parallel to the server code?  Nope I'm not volunteering.

Just a thought.


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