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From Andrew <>
Subject Seeking Help...
Date Wed, 21 Feb 1996 23:46:38 GMT
Hi Richard,

	Apache's coding expicitly disallows embedded cgi references
of the form:

	<!--#exec cgi="/cgi-bin/foo?some-args" -->     

this is almost certainly in accordance with the 'established' NCSA
1.3 CGI behaviour upon which Apache tries to model itself.  Already
this month mention has been made on the new-httpd list that this
strictness could be relaxed in the future.  But to date the 1.0.3
code has not been amended.  Future versions of Apache (1.1b0 and
beyond) *might* change this.

For the time being, the answer is "nope, you just can't do this";
or to quote from mod_include.c, around line 327:

    /* No hardwired path info or query allowed */
    if ((rr->path_info && rr->path_info[0]) || rr->args) return -1;


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