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From Paul Richards <>
Subject CVS
Date Tue, 20 Feb 1996 22:03:55 GMT
Can no-one commit anything to cvs for a day or two. I'm discussing with
Ben about the best way to proceed and it seems likely we'll tag the tree
again when we bring in 1.1b0a and to get the tag to actually stick to
the sources we want there can't be any commits between 1.1b0a going in
and the tagging process being run. They follow immediately but we just
need to be sure no-ones messing with anything when it's actually done and
of course, we don't want anyone to commit anything against the 1.0.0 code
that's there at the moment anyway.

I've got a germ of an idea about how to proceed, I'll discuss it a bit
with Ben and then post it here. I'm trying to address my wishes to
have an open cvs environment and Rob's (and other's) concerns about
peer review and I'm even trying to throw in a bit of voting for those
of you that love it so much :-)

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