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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject this is no bug (fwd)
Date Thu, 15 Feb 1996 03:14:24 GMT

Ack sent

> Hi,
> This is not a bug report, but I thought you'd be interested.
> A company called Open Text ( is selling a
> suite of software tools containing Apache under the name 'Latitude Web
> Server':
> The distributed software files themselves contain the Apache licence,
> but precious little credit is given to the Apache Group. I found
> nothing that even remotely respects clause 3 of your licence in the
> Open Text hype.
> I'm not a professional do-gooder, but I've make use of Apache (for
> non-profit purposes) and hate to see your fine work go unacknowledged.
> I happen to work for a distributor of OpenText products and so would
> prefer if my name were not mentioned in case you pursue the matter
> futher. If you do, I'd be glad to hear about what happens!

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