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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject multiple connections from netscape
Date Wed, 14 Feb 1996 11:41:34 GMT

A recent article in one of the www groups said that it had been shown
that Netscape's multiple simultaneous connections model had brought
part of the UK network to a halt due to everyone's own packets fighting
with each other as well as with everyone else's multiple packets.

Is this true? Are there any pointers to info on this?

The info came up in a thread about Netscape's inadequate support of

I was thinking about keepalives and thought it might be useful to
have the request number passed as an ENV VAR to CGI and SSI. That way
programs can be written to analyse its use in the real world. Clients
that offer keepalive but don't actually make use of it effectively
can be logged or blocked or intercepted or whatever - it could be a 
useful way to educate the masses, e.g. I could create a URL that pulled
in a few inlines from scripts which looked to see if keepalives are
being used effectively. If a client just spams the server with multiple
requests even though it has asked for keepalive, an appropriate message
can be displayed instead to ask the user to tweak the browser config.

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