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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Re: Real World Webserver Performance
Date Wed, 14 Feb 1996 10:15:12 GMT
> It occurs to me that the best measure of Webserver performance is to examine
> the facts in the real world. The easy way to accomplish this would be to
> run a survey. The questions to ask, I imagine, would be:
> 1. Server s/w, version
> 2. OS, version, kernel configuration (nonstandard parts thereof)
> 3. Processor, speed
> 4. RAM
> 5. Disk occupied by web pages (size, number of files)
> 6. Number of hits/day
> 7. Number of MB/day
> 8. Processor load (min, max, ave) [if there's a decent way to measure this].
> 9. Response time for a local minimal page load.
> Any thoughts?

it can't work. There's no mention of the type of requests handled by
the server (plain HTML, CPU or I/O intensive CGI, large mpegs...) and 
no mention of the type of user (mostly local, mostly modem users, mostly
of a shitty sprintlink line....)

There are too many variables IMO.


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