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From (Robert S. Thau)
Subject Re: is 1 week enough?
Date Tue, 13 Feb 1996 16:10:41 GMT
  If it's left on hyperreal it'll be public if we like it or not.

Be that as it me, there are two classes of "public" here... the releases
we announce, and put up in apache/dist, and the ones we *don't* announce,
and leave in httpd/dist.  With regard to the former, I think we do have
some obligations towards the community; with regard to the latter, I feel
comfortable saying that anyone who goes to the trouble of finding and
grabbing *unannounced* software takes the responsibility upon themselves
for whatever they get.

(Just so it's clear what I am and am not saying here... while I haven't
got the time to actively participate in this voting round, I would prefer
that even code embodying fairly good ideas should not be incorporated into
the main line distribution until it passes at least a smoke test on all
platforms... this may mean carrying it around in a separate development
branch for a while, as I did with content negotiation way back when, but
if so, then so be it.  One of the advantages of CVS is that it does
automate this sort of thing --- in the *absence* of unresolvable conflicts
in the patches of course.  On the other hand, once the thing in question
has been made stable, it should go into the mainline to forestall further
gratuitous conflicts; IMHO, it's about time for the OS/2 stuff).


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