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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Re: CVS
Date Mon, 12 Feb 1996 16:10:46 GMT
> Ok, here's how I see the current status of cvs. (It's a bit long but
> hopefully will get some real discussion about this going).
> It *is* ready to roll. It's just waiting for people to start using it.

Do we have any URLs or info that state,
  a) this is what you need
  b) this is where you get it
  c) this is what it does
  d) this is how we'll use it

Newcomers to CVS like me (I know you (Paul) have pointed me at cvs 
in the past) will need something to get them going.

> I really hope patch 'n' vote will die, it's really cludgy, slows development
> and to be blunt is more hassle than I can be bothered with.

fairy nuff.

Now, I personally think that the voting system has *some* merit.
Is there anything in the proposed cvs scheme to stop, say me, from
introducing some awful pile of crap that everyone else has to try
to deal with and/or fix?

It'd be useful to only allow new changes to be made if two or three
other people think its a good idea.. no long drawn out patch votes,
just a simple system whereby someone suggests a change but must wait
for 2 (3?) others to say "okay let's give it a try".

I fear that if we open the floodgates to let anything and everything
in without first doing a simple sanity check, then we'll regret it.

Also, how does CVS resolve style conflicts?. Say I create
a new config variable called FooBar and I think it's the best name since
sliced bread, but someone else thinks BarFoo is much better, so changes
the name without asking me. We could end up flipping from one name
to another as fast as CVS would allow (in theory :-)... again some
peer-review is needed to stop arguments before they happen.


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