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From Chuck Murcko <>
Subject Re: updated votes table
Date Mon, 12 Feb 1996 05:05:17 GMT
Well, I had my boy this weekend, so I'm just reading this. Here's my vote,
if it's still good:

Rob Hartill liltingly intones:
> My last mail for this weekend, I'm outta here..
> I missed Brian's votes, so now they're added, I changed a couple
> of my 0s to 1s so as to give some more stuff a chance of further testing.
If anyone owns a vetoed patch and *wants* to withdraw it, please do so
> to help reduce the clutter in the patch dir and the size of the table.
> God help anyone who took the weekend off from reading mail :-)
You said it.

Patch #

23a.mmap               1
56.alias_userdir       1
61a.preserve_redirect  1
62a.escape_html        1          -1	not a net improvement IMHO
66.htaccess-cache      1
68b.strftime           1
70c.LynxOS_port        0
72.mod_imap_overhaul  -1	if it breaks Brian it's no good
72a.mod_imap_overhaul -1	ditto
73a.mod_actions        1
74.icons               1
75.icons               1
76a.posix_wait4proces  1
77.user_name           1
78.preserve_redirect   1
82.setsockopt_next     0
83.timefmt            -1	68b is better, and I've got enough time
				stuff to change. 8^)
84b.timeout            1
85.lost_conn           1
86a.scoreboard_into_l  1
87.rlimit_warning      1
88.cookie_pstrcat      1
89.minSpare            1
90g.keepalive          1
91.config_dns          1
92.alias_htaccess      1
93.opt_all_mv          1
94.httpd_monitor       1
95.mod_neg.useragent   1
96.hpux.RLIMIT         0
97.proxy-02            0	not tested yet
98.errorlog            1
99.bind               -1	changes to +1 if it works with 82 - works fine
				This needs to be remade anyway, the offsets
				get huge by this one, and break plain ole
100c.os2_port          1	Let's get this in. Minor change to the patch
				to match current Configuration file might
				be needed.
101.add_strerror_to    0	not tested yet
102.proxy_hpux.patch   0	not tested yet
apache-msql-demo       0
logresolve.c           0
mod_alias_map.c        0
mod_auth_anon.c        0
mod_auth_db.c          0
mod_auth_msql.c        0
mod_cern_meta.c        1
mod_env.c              1

I'll send vote changes if necessary as I get and evaluate the new patches
and try other OS tomorrow.

Chuck Murcko	Telebase Systems, Inc.	Wayne PA
And now, on a lighter note:
The only problem with being a man of leisure is that you can never stop
and take a rest.

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