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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Re: patch 90g
Date Sat, 10 Feb 1996 22:37:19 GMT
> > I wish I could see what the traffic between 
> > netscape and the server looked like, raw....
> So do we all... Yeah, I've wondered the same thing myself. For all we
> know, Netscape just closes the connection right afterwards, anyway. At any

Configure Netscape to allow 1 simultaneous connection, then hit

Due to the US<->UK link, if any of the icons on that page (there are >20)
need a new connection, you'll notice Netscape stalling (for seconds) with a
"Contacting" message... that message will appear, but will flash
quickly since the connection is already established.

That server has a 5s timeout on keepalives.

Seeing is believing (btw doing this reminds me of ye olde xmosaic behaviour..
download the page then 1 image at a time.. the bad old days :-)


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