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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Re: patch 90g
Date Sat, 10 Feb 1996 22:27:55 GMT
> > Right. Though we could certainly do that. CERN puts Content-lengths on
> > *everything* under 50k (this is settable, and doesn't apply to files 
> > where the size is known beforehand), by buffering it until it's done. 
> This sounds reasonable.  People who can't wait for 50K to be generated by 
> the CGI before pumping them out can use nph- scripts.   What do others 
> think?  I'd like that to be configurable.

Worth a try if we're talking about buffering in memory and not to disk.

If configurability is required (I'm all for configurability), then how
about letting the scripts decide?
I remember suggesting that scripts should be allowed to send a header
to ask Apache not to buffer output at all. I don't remember how that
turned out (got lost with 0.7 I think).

So how about a CGI response such as...

CGI-to-server: buffer=51200

CGI-to-server: buffer=0

The first example would let apache buffer 50k before sending - now if
the entire output is <50k then a content-length can be added.

The second asks apache not to buffer anything - this would let a script
behave more like a nph script.



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