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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Re: patch - vote
Date Sat, 10 Feb 1996 14:07:31 GMT
> >  -1 100b.os_port.patch	I think we should build the next release, and make the
> >  			OS/2 port available as a patch.... I think it's more 
> >  			the other patches that don't allow OS/2 to patchin/
> >  			compile cleanly.
> Garey has been waiting patiently for nearly 6 months now. I think that is
> long enough. The changes appear to only effect the __EMX__ defined code.
> I see no reason to keep vetoing these patches.

Agreed. The code is #defined out for everyone else, so I'd appreciate
it if people didn't veto it just because it might need five extra minutes
to get it patched. Garey's forced to recreate a patch for
each release.. don't force him to do that for the rest of his Apache life.
It's a moving target trying to get some large patches into a release. Let's
at least hold the target steady this week to get Apache OS/2 ready
out of the box - that far outweighs any objections I'vew seen to this
patch. Please?

I made an effort to get 100b to patch. There's a note in the header to say
it needs to be patched after #56. When I do that it patches for me
(at least it did the one time I tried it). If it doesn't patch cleanly,
please make an effort to hand patch anything that breaks OR just leave
it out... only Garey on this list will see this stuff work anyway.


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