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From sameer <>
Subject apache-ssl list
Date Fri, 09 Feb 1996 05:42:50 GMT

	I customized the server survey for Apache-SSL. let me know if you
have any objections to the following going out as the info for Apache-SSL-US.

Full name of server: Apache-SSL-US
Email address of technical contact:
Version described: Apache-SSL-US 1.0.2+0.4.4a

---Operating Systems---
Unix: Y
Windows NT: N
Windows 95: N
Windows 3.1: N
OS/2: N
Macintosh OS: N
Novell Netware: N
Amiga OS: N
AS/400: N
Unix variants: Almost all variants covered. Portability patches are welcomed.
Windows NT CPUs: X

---Launching and Logging---
Can run from inetd (Unix systems only): N
Can serve different directory roots for different IP addresses: Y
Runs as Windows NT service and/or application: X
Logging with syslog (Unix) or Event Log (Windows NT): N
CERN/NCSA common log format: Y
Log files can be automatically cycled or archived: N
Normal (hit) log entries can be customized: Y
Can write to multiple logs: Y
Server can generate non-hit log entries (such as comments): N
CGI scripts can create their own log entries: N
Performance measurment logs: N
Can generate referer log entries: Y
Can generate browser log entries: Y
Can track individual users in log: Y

---Protocol Support and Includes---
Automatic response to If-Modified-Since: Y
Select documents based on Accept header: Y
Select documents based on User-Agent header: Y
Includes based on HTML comments: Y
Includes can be based on request headers: N
Server can force includes: N
Automatically include any HTTP headers in responses: Y
Access to server state variables from CGI or other scripting: Y
Has built-in scripting language: N
Has built-in image-map handling: Y
Supports some sort of PUT method: N
Non-supported methods can invoke a script: N
Supports the Windows CGI interface: X
Comes with SNMP agent: N
The name that is shown in the "Server:" response header: Apache-SSL-US/1.0.2+0.4.4a

Can require password (Authorization: user): Y
Supports SSL v. 2: Y
Supprots SSL v. 3: N
Supports S-HTTP: N
Prohibit by domain name: Y
Prohibit by IP address: Y
Configurable user groups (not just a single user list): Y
Can change user access control list without restarting server: Y
Can hide part of a document based on security rules: N
Security rules can be based on URLs: N
Default security model for file-based documents: basic NCSA or DBM
Hierarchical permissions for directory-based documents: Y
Additional security features: *

---Other Features---
GUI-based setup: N
GUI-based maintenance: N
Remote maintenance: N
Real-time performance measurement tools: Y
Script or action based on output media type: Y
Also serves other TCP protocols: *
Automatic directory tree: Y
User directories: Y
Search engine: via add-in modules
Has direct (non-CGI) link to a DBMS: N
Includes user interaction tools: N
Also acts as an HTTP proxy server: via optional module
Proxy server also caches: Y
Includes full source code for server: Y
Pricing: $495 commercial, $0 non-commercial. US-only
Best features (as described by server author): 
 Highly configurable, extendable, robust, fast, standards-compliant, 
 pre-forking, efficient, constantly evolving, user motivated, user supported, 
 collaboratively developed, well tested, user satifying, hugely popular.
 Supports user authentication with SSL. Includes CA tools. 
URL for more information:

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